Countries to Watch Northern Lights

Northern Lights in Norway

This is one of many destination choices for countries in which you can see Aurora Borealis. Coastal cruises will allow you to sail across the open waters, watching all of the sea life emerging and the birds flying overhead. It has open spaces for ample fishing opportunities. The luminous and large, beautiful skies are perfect for watching an Aurora Borealis. Plus, deciding on Norway includes everything that the North Cape on the island Magerøya has to offer.

Northen Lights in Norway

Northen Lights in Norway

Aurora Borealis in Sweden

This is the home of the famous Icehotel, which in itself is a great reason to visit. On top of that, there is much Winter adventure to be had here, including everything you may enjoy doing on snow. Husky sledging is prevalent, and snowmobiling is popular. The skies over the Abisko National Park are spacious and free of clouds.

Aurora Borealis in Finland

This is a good choice among the Northern Lights countries if you prefer large expanses of snowy wilderness. It serves as a great place to go skiing as well. If you like, you can visit a safari that showcases animals like reindeer. During Northern Lights holidays, you and whomever may be with you can enter private saunas, and spend your nights in warm and inviting log cabins in the heart of the wilderness.

Northern Lights in Alaska

This is technically not classified as a country, but is one of the best place to catch an Aurora Borealis in the United States. Alaska offers an Aurora Borealis Lodge where you can watch it from the inside and remain toasty. If you prefer to be right in the middle of it though, the accommodations they offer you will include a wake-up call on request so that you do not miss it.

Aurora Borealis in Canada

Canada offers several escorted tours to experience the aurora in the vast Canadian wilderness. More than that though, Inuit cultural guides are offered, so that you can learn more about the rich history of the territories. Dogsled activities and lodge trips in the wild are common.

Northern Lights in Iceland

Northen Lights in Iceland

Northen Lights in Iceland

There is much to see here, including powerful and mesmerizing waterfalls. Several famous Northern Lights pictures came from Iceland. If you enjoy horseback riding, watching killer whales do their dance in the sea, or wildlife in general, this is a good choice. The Blue Lagoon is open to all travelers near Reykjavik, which is an luxurious geothermal spa made entirely out of seawater.


Northern Lights in Greenland

Greenland is considered one of the best places to see the Northern Lights, if only because of their great view of it from much higher latitudes as they take you on their guided tours. Accommodations are offered to anyone staying in the area in the form of serviceable hotel rooms.

Northern Lights in Russia

This is one of the lesser-known spots for seeing an Aurora Borealis, but there are some pretty good spots if you go looking around for a trip there. Interesting activities include nature preserves, an excellent walking tour, and various cruises to and from the North Pole and Arctic islands – areas where the Northern Lights are said to be stunning.

Aurora Borealis in Denmark

This is an area where auroras appear all year, but are the most visible in the Autumn months. Denmark offers beautiful and historically-rich towns that are an inspiration to scenery artists from all around. Plus, there are every kinds of accommodations imaginable.

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