Northern Lights Holidays

Northern Lights Holidays in Norway

Tromso and the Icehotel is among the greatest Northern Lights holidays, and a wonderful place to spend your time during a vacation. You start in the city of Tromso, which is well-known for its expansive scenic views. You travel through Abiski National Park in the Swedish Lapland, a world-famous sight for Aurora Borealis, and one of the most frequent places to find one.

Finally, your trip concludes at the legendary Icehotel, where you spend three nights in a chosen room. Winter events are abounding, and are encouraged, such as ice sculpting and husky sledding. It offers encompassing forests to hike through, along with Northern Lights tours, and plenty of facilities.

Northern Lights Holidays

Northern Lights Holidays

In Pursuit of the Aurora is another holiday beginning in the city of Tromso. You travel to the highest wrung of mainland Europe from land or sea. The scenery is unbelievable; the mountains vast, and the glistering seascapes bountiful. Aurora sightings are easy to find here, which can be quite breathtaking in person.

Northern Lights Holidays in Sweden

Sweden offers the Wilderness Husky Adventure as one of its Northern Lights trips. In addition to husky sledging, you can also partake in snowmobiles, skiing, ice skating, and all sorts of Winter adventures. It is a place to witness the Northern Lights, as you mush a team of huskies through the incredibly serene and large forests of Jukkasjarvi. Accommodation include a comfortable lodge, right in the middle of the wilderness. It is fun and adventurous.

The Great Nordic Odyssey is one of the best Northern Lights holidays shared between Sweden and Norway. You go directly through the heart of both places. Expect to travel by airplane, locomotive, and within the Hurtigruten coastal streamer. Sights and experiences are certainly not lacking here, with many historical places to witness and experience. It also includes a stay at the famous Icehotel. You will witness not only an incredible aurora borealis spot, but all of its gorgeous sea and land displays. It is a great spot for taking Northern Lights photos.

Northern Lights Holidays in Iceland

Iceland is a fine place to visit for Northern Lights holidays. The Killer Whales offers you a chance to see some of the most majestic sea creatures on Earth, even through the window of your accommodations. Iceland offers some of the cheapest Northern Lights destinations around.

If you have a family, Iceland also offers their Northern Lights Family Adventure package. Another great spot for Aurora Borealis. You stay one night in a hotel near the airport, but then you are given a full-sized house on the Golden Circle Route for the remaining three days. Not only is this inexpensive, but there is a lot to do. They offer horseback riding, ice climbing, snorkeling, and several more upon request.

Northern Lights Holidays in Finland

This is the last of the Northern Lights destinations but by no means the least. Kakslauttanen is a Finnish holiday offering the experience of camping out in cozy log cabins and igloos. The Finnish countryside where guests will be staying are peaceful and relaxing, enabling just about anyone to escape the stress of their lives for three nights. The view of the aurora is not bad either, just to put a nice topper on things.

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