Northern Lights Pictures

Introduction to Northern Lights Pictures

So you have decided you want to capture the Northern Lights on photography. If you aren’t sure of what that is, you can learn more about the history behind it, such as Northern Lights Holidays. If you plan to go one day, find out your preferred Northern Lights destinations. This is a quick article giving you tips on capturing Aurora Borealis photos.

Steps You Should Take for Northern Lights Pictures

Northern Lights photos, and Aurora Borealis photos in general, require you to have a tripod. The exposure should be at least ten seconds, so you will find it quite difficult to capture a quality photo using your hands. The trick is to reduce shutter speed. This will produce rich, colorful, and more detailed Northern Lights photos. Use a wide-angle lens – the quickest at your disposal.

For perfect Northern Lights pictures, your ISO speed should be at least 300 or more, so find yourself a camera that you can adjust accordingly. You can make practically any camera work for you, as long as it has manual settings and you can adjust it for exposures of between 10-20 seconds or longer.

Other Considerations for Northern Lights Pictures

If you want to capture that perfect shot, expect to wait. Some photographers are known to sleep out on the ground, or in their cars, waiting on the opportunity to get that one amazing photo of an aurora. Remember to always bring backups of your camera equipment in case something malfunctions.

Aurora Borealis Photos


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