Visit the Nothern Lights in Norway

Northern lights in Norway

The northern lights, or Aurora Borealis, are regarded as one of the great, natural wonders of the world. They’re a phenomenon which sees the night sky being lit up by spectacular waves of green light, constantly changing shape and often with additional colours like red, yellow and blue appearing. Many who see this spectacle of light describe it as a magical experience.

There is, however, a scientific reason behind this magnificent light display. It’s all because of electrical particles which, initially, have been emitted from the sun and then eventually collide with the Earth’s magnetic atmosphere. This interaction results in a kind of electrical storm which lights up the night sky in the kaleidoscope of colour we call the northern lights. As the northern lights occur near the North Pole, one of the very best vantage points to see them is in Norway.

How best to travel to Norway

If you’d like to experience the northern lights for yourself, the good news is Norway has great transport links with the UK and is only two hours away by air. If you are flying, however, one thing to take into account is, like the UK, the weather in Norway can be unpredictable and this can result in flight delays. If you prefer, you could always travel by train or even drive there.

Where and when it’s best to see the northern lights in Norway

It’s easier to see the lights in the more remote areas of Norway. Naturally, the northern half of the country is particularly good to see them. The best time to see the northern lights is around the equinoxes of March and September. In addition, although there may be more chance of cloud cover, the winter months are also a generally good time to experience the northern lights, the darker skies giving more opportunity to see the lights more clearly. Whenever and wherever in Norway you do see this amazing light display, it’s sure to be an experience you will never forget.

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